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The Underbanked Ecosystem


Given 91% of the Underbanked have a Phone and 57% have a Smartphone.

What’s a mobile phone service provider to do to help their bottom line? How can wireless providers increase ARPU (average revenue per user) and reduce churn?  One strategy is obviously to sell more functionality and migrate consumers to more smartphones and more lucrative plans.   Another way is to better understand and manage the risk associated with moving consumers up the ladder from pre-paid to post-paid plans.


Why FactorTrust expertise works?

Successful providers can tap into unique lifecycle management solutions, beginning with making an accurate decision during acquisition.  As contracts age, providers can again tap data to determine renewals or promotions.  In the event an account goes to collections, FactorTrust provides valuable information for successful debt recovery.

FactorTrust’s team of predictive analytics experts and statisticians, armed with more than 800 existing and derived data attributes, deliver the only alternative Consumer Reporting Agency scoring model built exclusively on proprietary data.

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