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The Underbanked Ecosystem

Auto Lending

Non-prime auto loans have steadily increased since 2012 due to sheer growth in the number of non-prime customers, a willingness to take on more risk, larger loans, interest rates and technological advances.

As the market segment has grown, so has the competition. Lenders are buying deeper and seeing delinquency rates start to climb. There is a constant push for greater efficiency… faster decisions, new data sources, automation… to impact credit quality.

To stay competitive, you need non-prime credit risk and consumer data, and risk models from FactorTrust.


Why FactorTrust expertise works?

Quality Data

FactorTrust is the leading non-prime credit bureau that provides consumer and credit history information not reported to the Big 3 credit bureaus. Data is reported by our lender contributors in real-time or daily.  Access unique, proprietary data and auto finance risk scores on non-prime consumers, including:

  • Loan data
  • Employment and income data
  • Consumer stability data
  • ACH performance data
  • Access over 400 proprietary data attributes in real time

As the non-prime market has grown into an $85 billion dollar industry, so have the depth and breadth of our proprietary data. Our data is packaged into credit risk and credit marketing solutions to provide you with actionable intelligence including our proprietary auto finance risk score.

LendProtect Auto Risk Solutions

  • Lower your first payment defaults
  • Improve your underwriting cost per loan
  • Optimize your Book-to-Look rates
  • Reduce fraud
  • Add new intelligence for regulatory compliance

LendProtect Auto Portfolio Solutions

  • Secure more competitive loan portfolio purchases & sales with automated portfolio appends
  • Improve forecasts with deeper insights into the total credit exposure
  • Access additional pay data not reported to the bureaus today
  • Increase right party contact rates
  • Evaluate assets ability to repay
  • Assess stability

ApproveData Credit Marketing Solutions

  • Find More, Profitable Customers
  • Get Closer to Those You Have
  • Increase Your Response Rates – up to 6x improvement over traditional direct mail response rates
  • Boost Revenues
  • Save Marketing Dollars

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Independent Data Studies

FactorTrust formed an Automotive Finance Practice to address the specific needs of non-prime auto lenders and streamline access to useful data on millions of non-prime consumers. Lenders, large and small, have shared their positive results.

Significant Results

  • Reduced a 3 Billion dollar auto lender’s average first payment default rate by 50%
  • Consumers on average defaulted 50% more frequently on an auto loan when present in our credit file.
  • Able to identify dealers who are utilizing short term loans for cash down payments.
  • Near prime consumers average default rate increases by 100% when present in our database

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