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TransUnion acquires FactorTrust

To expand credit access to more consumers

Finally, Underbanked Consumer Data You Can Trust

Alternative credit data, analytics and risk management solutions that help lenders assess underbanked consumers' ability to repay...since 2006

Compliance Products

LendProtect ATR enables compliance with the CFPB’s Proposed Rule on Ability to Repay (ATR)

Proprietary Consumer Data

Real-time performance data not available from the Big 3 bureaus.

Robust Predictive Risk Scores

FactorTrust has more than 100 years experience with analytics and modeling for the underbanked consumer market

Credit Lifecycle Solutions

Live view of new consumer data ensures accurate and dependable, account management and collections

Lend More

Identify more low-risk consumers by accessing the largest database of alternative consumer tradeline data.

Less Risk

Utilize our extensive underbanked data and consumer scoring models built for the alternative financial services marketplace.

Lifecycle Management

Employ tailored data solutions addressing the credit lifecycle – acquisition, account management and collections

About FactorTrust

FactorTrust, The Alternative Credit Bureau, is relentlessly dedicated to proven analytics and clean credit information that provides lenders opportunities to grow more revenue, meet compliance regulations and serve more consumers with more credit options. At the core of FactorTrust is alternative credit data not available from the Big 3 bureaus and analytics and risk scoring information lenders need to make informed decisions about the consumers they want. FactorTrust Alternative Credit Data and Analytics accurately predicts risk and the ability to repay of near and non-prime consumer loans in real-time. The company’s solutions enable financial service companies an opportunity to uncover creditworthy prospects that are not surfacing via traditional credit sources. 113 million U.S. adults have credit scores below 700.  Headquartered in Atlanta, the experienced FactorTrust team of predictive analytics specialists, statisticians and financial industry experts has delivered unique data and valuable insight to lenders throughout the U.S. for 10 years.


Alternative Lending

This segment is comprised of short-term and installment lenders. Better data allows you to broaden your market opportunity without greater exposure to risk.


Consumer Finance

A strategy that utilizes alternative performance data allows a finance company to truly know and grow their customers.



By leveraging alternative data, insurance carriers are improving ratings, underwriting accuracy and reducing premium shrinkage.


Auto Lending

A growing class of consumers has the ability to pay a car loan but their traditional credit file is either too thin or challenged to obtain financing from a bank or auto manufacturer.


Credit Cards

Having more relevant and timely data allows credit card companies to better manage their portfolio of accounts by mitigating losses and maximizing profits.



Better analytics and modeling derived from recent consumer tradeline data helps mobile carriers steer appropriate consumers to higher yielding post-paid services without exposure to unacceptable risk.



For the collections industry, nothing is more important than having access to accurate and recent contact data.


Credit Unions

Larger financial institutions are looking to grow their customer base and the underbanked population is a prime area of focus.