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Credit Climbers™

We believe everyone deserves credit options. FactorTrust wants the industry to look at the underbanked population with a new lens. There are 113 million U.S. consumers with FICO credit scores under 700 today. These people should be recognized as consumers determined to improve credit scores in order to reach a certain lifestyle and access more credit options. FactorTrust has Credit Climbers™ to help lenders market to, and service, these underbanked consumers.

FactorTrust’s data demonstrates these Americans indeed are striving for a better financial standing. Using alternative credit data, lenders can grow their business by strategically evaluating and marketing to these consumers. Every time a consumer does something positive, they deserve to improve their credit score. The problem is that the vast majority of these customers and their credit performance are simply unrecognized and untracked by the big three bureaus. We’ve seen people improve their credit scores – at every scoring level — by having alternative credit data factored in during the underwriting process. More data is better for both the consumer and the lender.

CreditClimber™ Stories


Maggie, the up-and-comer, married and a new mom that works two jobs to afford daycare and everyday expenses. She has her eye on a life where her kid is in college and they are free from financial stress.

Exhausted? Yes, but I’m not stopping working to reach my life goals for my family and myself. Everyday I work hard and can see my future of financial freedom.

I am Maggie.

I am a CreditClimber.

Simply Motivated

Bill is living the active life of a single person who wants to buy nice things and travel with friends. He sees a future of buying his first home, a new car and building a life with someone. He is motivated to quickly moving up the ladder at his job to meet his financial goals.

I beat my personal best. I set a goal to have enough saved up for a down payment and credit score to qualify for a loan to buy my first new car.

I am Bill.

I am a CreditClimber.

Rising Star

Lydia, a recent college graduate, is determined to find the right job so she can move out of her parents house and become a productive and reliable citizen. She is not stifled by her college loan which kicks in next year or by the tough job market. She’s a winner and she knows it’s only time before she’s the leader.

Finally moving out and moving up in my life. I landed a great job and started paying my college loan. The final step has been met – moving out of my parents house. Now my journey really begins.

I am Lydia.

I am a CreditClimber.

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